Marketing Your Business Through Video Production

The great thing about video production Auckland is that it does not have to be expensive or "polished" in a traditionally professional way. The customer online is looking for personal engagement and individual attention. This is why many of the marketing videos that have gone viral and created instant PR for their companies have been quite a low budget. The Internet is the one place in which the small and midsize business can compete with the multinational corporation on an even playing field.

Below are some of the characteristics of small and midsize business video production Auckland efforts that have proven quite successful in an increasingly cluttered marketing environment.

Comedy works wonders.

Disarming the consumer with humor before hitting them with the hard sales pitch is much more effective online than anywhere else. On average, people are 65% less likely to reblog, re-tweet or otherwise share a video with a sales pitch than a video without one.

This means that in order to create a viral effect, you must disarm the consumer first so that they do not know they are being marketed to. Comedy is one of the most effective ways to do this and create a viral campaign that will eventually bring in loyal customers.

 Videos are short and sweet.

No matter what your message is, brevity is the soul of wit on the Internet. Most viral videos are less than 1 min. in length and have a strong plot line with strong punchlines.

If you can incorporate this type of brevity into your marketing message, you have a much better chance of getting through to your audience than any kind of hard sales pitch.

Choice of keywords/search engine optimization is much more important than the polished look of a video.

Indexing your video properly online so that it gets to the right eyes is much more boring than the overall polish of your video production. People are much more interested in being personally engaged, so make sure that after you produce your video, you select the right keywords for it on video sharing sites.